Yinka Adeyeye

I am Yinka Adeyeye, my friends call me Yinkus.

I live in London, I love technology, music and psychology. Here, I’ll document anything that comes to mind - quips and links about technology, books, music, films, politics, society, culture and a bit of everything else.


You may contact me at yinka@adeyeye.org.

Comments are welcome by email, or send a DM to @yinka on Twitter or Instagram.

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Tools I use

Software and App

  • Office 365, G Suite.
  • Todoist for to-dos.
  • Notion and Simplenote for note taking.
  • Feedly, Pocket, Pinboard/Raindrop for managing bookmarks and readlaters
  • iTerm2, Terminator, VS Code.
  • Bitwarden for managing passwords.
  • Google Photos.

Device and OS

Music, Podcast and Audiobook


  • Ubuntu server + a few Docker containers for managing my home network.
  • Pi-hole for taiming online ads, for family-safe internet.
  • Google Assistant and HomeBridge for home automation.
  • Netflix, Plex, Roku and Googlecast products.
  • This blog yink.us is built with Jekyll, hosted on Github and deployed using Netlify.
  • Lots of black Coffee, Cuppas and Kolanuts. (to which I’m addicted)

Reading list

  • page last updated: August 2020.
  • some Amazon referrals.